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Permeable block machine factory solution


Customer name: Beijing Rechsand Science & Technology Group

Equipment used : Xi’an Silver Horse dual line parallel fully automatic production line of permeable brick making machine

The brief introduction of equipment:The dual line parallel fully automatic production line of Silver Horse permeable brick making machine is high-end and environmental protection for its national invention patent product. Its technical level reaches an advanced level in the world, appraised by Ministry of Science and Technology. Its core technology-vibration system, using the patented technology of Silver Horse company, can ensure the high permeability, strength and elaborate appearance of permeable bricks. At the same time, it also has multifunctional. The mold can be replaced to produce various products, such as high-end bricks used in municipal works, ecological slope-protection brick, curbstone, paving stone, lawn block, interlocking block, water channel block, maple leaves brick, H-shape paver, porous brick, hollow block and so on, truly realizing the “trinity”.

Customer profile: Beijing Rechsand Science & Technology Group is one of the first batch of national high-tech and innovative enterprises and the construction unit of "the state key laboratory for silica sand resource utilization". The company is specialized in the comprehensive development and utilization of desert. It is an explorer of "scientific use of sand and desert control" represented by “ used as sand for casting, increasing oil on filtration, building ,soil water storage and desert control ” and a pioneer of industrial sand industry. In terms of developing new building materials projects with sand, the company has a strategic cooperation agreement with Silver Horse company, to jointly develop projects of special surface layer of sand based permeable bricks.

Using Effects: the project of sand-base permeable brick with special surface layer has been highly regarded by industry experts and leaders at all levels, produced by Silver Horse permeable brick making machine. It has built large fully automatic permeable brick making production line in Beijing, Hefei, Guizhou and other places, cooperated with Silver Horse company for many times. It is lead technical position in the industry with the largest capacity and the highest degree of intelligence. Now it has become the demonstration base of digital building material plants in the three places, with good "demonstration" effect.










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